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Our homepage is in Norwegian only. This German and English translation is for the FREMO gathering only!

We will arrange a FREMO gathering

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In the Land of the Midnight Sun

FREMO - The Midnight Sun Gathering 2020 We can now officially invite you to the Midnight Sun Meeting in Bodø, 25-29 / 6-2020.
Our application to Fremo in Germany is approved so now we are only looking forward to the hit.
  Here is some information about the hit:
  We have this year set the participation fee to NOK 200,- for FREMO members and NOK 400,- for non-members. Foreign FREMO members drop the fee.
If you want to eat on the hit, the following costs:
- Bread for the whole hit costs NOK 270, -
- Casserole on Friday NOK 90,-
- Pizza on Saturday NOK 140,-
This is paid for in the hit to account 6428.05.47261.

  The meeting starts on Thursday with rigging of the facility.
(We will have access to the hall on Wednesday, and we in the club will move our modules to the hall then. So the sooner we finish the sooner we get to run!)
From Friday morning to Sunday at lunchtime there is driving.
There will be a joint dinner on Friday and Saturday in the hall. Otherwise, we stop the traffic game for lunch.

  Feel free to start checking your modules now, so that they are in order.
We intend that this year's meeting will reflect the Nordlandsbanen in the 1970s and 1980s and thus we want material to be from that time.

  Registration deadlines are as follows:
For participants with modules April 25, 2020
For participants without modules 30 May 2020
Registration to: framotreff@saltenmjk.org

We have got a good deal with Skagen Hotell in Bodø.
The hotel is located about 1 km west of Bankgata Idrettshall where the meeting is held.
The following prices apply to our participants:
Single room: 650 per night
Double room: 850 per night
Triple room: 1050 per night
Included in the price is breakfast, waffles in the afternoon and supper
The hotel holds 13 single rooms and 6 double rooms until the registration deadline of 30 May.
Accommodation can be booked either by calling 75 51 91 00 or send an e-mail to the hotel: booking@skagen-hotel.no
Enter the code "FREMO" to get the contract price.

More details will come soon.

  All of us at the Salten Model Railway Club are looking forward to welcoming you!



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